Scope of the Symposium 

Since the first edition in 2016, this symposium has been held biannually in Middle East and displays an ever-increasing international profile. Delegates from all over the world are attending the meeting and the official language  is English. The relaxed atmosphere and the pleasant venue of the meeting favor the exchange of information and ideas for potential research collaborations.

The SCOPE of the symposium includes:

•               Electrochemistry and new materials

•               Geomaterials for the environment

•               GeoEnvironment and Materials

•               Advanced techniques for surface and Materials characterization

•               Electrochemical and Environmental Materials :

•               Electrochemical processing of Materials and biomaterials

•               Electrochemical sensors for environmental monitoring

•               Environmental applications of analytical biosensors

•               Physico -Chemical analysis and Environment

•               Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry, environmental monitoring

•               Environmental geochemistry, valorization of Biomass

•               AgroChemicals, AgroEnvironment and Agro-materials

•               Environmental geochemistry, valorization of Biomass

Program Schedule 


Program schedule for the Symposium is now under construction and will be available around very soon

CIMEE Permanent Committee

The CIMEE Permanent Committee are chosen on the basis of their involvement in the publication best articles in international journals (Guest Editor) as : DWT (Francis and Taylor) and EMJEI (Springer), their contributions to CIMEE science  and their willingness to serve actively as a member of the Committee.

Elke Fries (Pr. BGR, Allemagne)

Ahmad El Moll (Dr, EDST, FSP, FS, Lebanon)

• K. Plakas (Dr, CERTH/CPERI, Thessaloniki, Greece)

• Marie-Christine Record (Pr, Aix-Marseille, France)

Tarik Chafik (Pr, University Abdelmalek Essaadi, FST, Tangier, Morocco)

Didier Hauchard (Pr, ENSCR, Rennes, France)

• Mustafa Soylak, (Pr, Erciyes University, Kayseri Turkey)

• Semia Cherif (Pr, ISSBAT-Tunis, Tunisie)

• Mohamed Amine Didi (Pr, Telmcen, Algeria)

• Hani ElMoll (Pr, University of Hail, KSA)

• Richa Soni (Dr, MNIT, Jaipur India)

• Mishra Ajay (Pr, University of South Africa , South Africa)

• Hicham Zaitan (Pr, Université Sidi M. B. Abdellah, Fès, Morocco)

• Lucy Semerjian (Dr, University of Sharjah, UAE)

• Abdallah Albourine (Pr, Ibn Zohe Univeristy, Agadir, Morocco)

• Rachid Salghi, (Pr, ENSA, Agadir, Morocco)

• Belkheir Hammouti.( Pr, University Mohammed Premier, Oujda, Morocco).

Farag Malhat (Pr, Agriculture Research Center, Cairo, Egypt)


 Organization Committee

Ahmad El Moll (Dr, EDST/FSP/FS, LU, Lebanon)

Monzer Awwad (Dr, Lebanese International University, Lebanon)

Berna Hamad (Dr, Faculty of sciences, LU,Tripoli, Lebanon)

Ahmad Allouch (Pr, Faculty of sciences, LU,Tripoli, Lebanon)

Bassem El Hamoui (Dr, Faculty of sciences, LU,Tripoli, Lebanon)

Hani ElMoll (Pr, Department of Chemistry, University of Hail, KSA) 


Invited Speaker


Speaker List Will be announced very soon.

List of Participants CIMEE 2018


All abstracts presented in CIMEE 2018 will be published at abstract book 2018.Beside that Author(s) who wishes to publish full text of their studies can send it to the following journals.


Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration - Springer

Desalination and Water Treatment - Taylor & Francis

Proceeding Book CIMEE 2018

Evaluation process will be carried out by the journals. For publication please contact with the journal.








Applications of analytical chemistry in environmental science

Analytical chemistry in environmental monitoring

Environmental Geochemistry / Environmental Geology






Applications of nanomaterials in environmental analysis and monitoring.







Applications of Electrochemistry in environmental analysis and monitoring.

Electrochemistry for a cleaner environment.

Electrochemical Sensors for Environmental Analysis.

Biosensors for environmental analysis and monitoring.